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Hampton-Collins Welcome Party

Emily and Joseph didn't want the typical rehearsal dinner.  Since all 80 guests had flown in for their destination wedding, all 80 guests came to the Welcome-Party.  The party was hosted at the tiki bar and pool area at LaPlaya.  The Party was scheduled from 6:30 - 8:30pm, but the bartender finally closed up shop a little after 10pm.  Instead of the traditional guest book idea, we opted for a map of Florida. I thought it was a very cool and unique concept.  Please excuse my cell phone picture but I am not a good photographer …. thats why I hire the best ones around.  There might have been a party crasher or "mermaid" in the pool, but it was very entertaining and makes for a great story for years to come.  The tall cylinder of shells in the middle traveled all the way from Texas.  Emily and Joseph love to travel and those are shells from beaches all over the world that they have picked up over the years.  Now they can add Naples, FL shells to it.   Stay tuned for the wedding pictures