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Samantha & Kylee April 9, 2016

I had the pleasure off meeting Samantha & Kylee about 4 months prior to their wedding.  They had already hired all their vendors, some of wish I had worked with many times in the past but a few new ones especially the wedding venue.  Since Samantha and Kylee lived in Naples it made communicating and meeting much easier and more enjoyable.  The love they shared was the 1st thing I noticed right off the bat, the way they attended to each other as well as how perfectly they balanced each other out.  They were having some stressful issues with planning and I was honored to tackle those issues for them to make it a smooth and flawless day. 

Our Starbucks coffee meetings quickly turned into nights out over wine.  I should have known that their family would be as amazing as the two of them, from Samantha's two sisters to Kylee's three brothers.... the wedding party was one I'll never forget.  I can say my favorite part was finally seeing their wedding stress melt and the true enjoyment on their faces the entire wedding weekend with the PartyRox team.  "THIS IS LIFE" and Kylee's infamous story telling has become a wonderful statement that I find myself using now on a daily basis.  These beautiful women went from clients to true friends that I look forward to catching up with in between our busy schedules.    

Wedding Venue : Unity Church of Naples

Ceremony Music: Seaside Strings

Reception: The Hotel Escalante

Band: The Good Bad Kids

DJ: DJ Dayve

Cake: Ella's Cakes

Photography: Zee Anna Photography

Videographer: James Blakefeld

Florist: Naples Floral

Personal Care: Blue Water Salon

Nails: Wild Orchid Salon of Naples

Rentals: Party to go